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Origin of biodanza
The Biodanza System was created by Rolando Toro Araneda, a psychologist. He occupied the chair of Psychology of Art and Expression at the Pontificia University of Chile Institute of Aesthetics. He was teaching at the Centre for Anthropological Medical Studies of the School of Medicine at the University of Chile. E' stato Docente del Centro di Studi di Antropologia Medica della Scuola di Medicina dell'UniversitÓ del Cile.

Rolando Toro looks for his inspiration for Biodanza in anthropological. He has made some investigations into the fields of expansion of consciousness and creativity.

He is also a poet and painter.

Rolando Toro is the president of the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF), the body in charge of guiding, co-ordinating, organising and administrating the Biodanza movement across the world through the Biodanza teachers Training Schools, as well as research and scientific development in various areas and the carrying out of courses, seminars and international events. He lives in Chile from where he directs and co-ordinates the activities of Biodanza in the whole world; He is also founding member and honorary President of the A.E.I.B, (Associazione Europea Insegnanti di Biodanza, the European Association of Biodanza Teachers).

For Information on the activities of Rolando  Toro, contact:
Claudete Sant’Anna, 
Avda. Suecia, 476 Depto.  81
Providencia – Santiago – CHILE
Tel. – Fax  +56-02-232.64.90
Qualified  Didactic Teacher
Founding Member of the A.E.I.B.,
School  Director.
Biodanza is a world movement

The Biodanza movement conquers more space every day in the world. It exists in the North American countries, in Central America and it is. It is also starting to develop in South America, Australia, Japan and Russia.

In Europe, Biodanza is present in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom Sweden and Switzerland.

In March 1995 the “EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF BIODANZA TEACHERS – ROLANDO TORO SYSTEM – A.E.I.B” The aim of this organisation is to protect and support European Biodanza Teachers and to spread the Biodanza movement in Europe and throughout the world.

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